01. Celebrity Murder Party (feat. Joanne Lunan) - Sympathy for the Soul of the Beast
Iron Maiden vs George Michael vs The Soupdragons vs The Rolling Stones vs King Curtis

02. Wax Audio - Hallowed be thy Enemy
Public Enemy vs Iron Maiden

03. Lobsterdust - Marley Maiden (from Exodus to Revelations)
Iron Maiden vs Bob Marley

04. Copycat - Numb World (A Copycat Mash)
Iron Maiden vs Pet Shop Boys

05. Celebrity Murder Party - This Brutal Oilslave
Nitro Deluxe vs Iron Maiden vs Future Sound of London vs Muslim Gauze vs Brian Eno and David Byrne vs Midnight Oil

06. Wax Audio - Maiden goes to Hollywood
Frankie goes to Hollywood vs Iron Maiden

07. The Illuminoids - 30 Running Adidas
Iron Maiden vs Run DMC vs Bow Wow Wow

08. DJ Schmolli - Deja Vu Vu
Beyonce vs Iron Maiden

09. Celebrity Murder Party - Call me Phantom
Scissor Sisters vs Blondie vs Iron Maiden

10. Wax Audio - Maiden goes to Bollywood
Iron Maiden vs Dhoom

11. Simon Iddol - Overkill of the beast
Piano Tribute to Iron Maiden vs Kosheen