A Tribute To The Scorpions

1.Helloween - He's a woman, she's a man
2.Sinergy - Rock you like a hurricane
3.Paradox - Dynamite
4.Sonata Arctica - Still loving you
5.Stratovarius - Blackout
6.Children Of Bodom - Don't stop at the top
7.Angent Steel - Dark lady
8.Steel Prophet - Top of the bill
9.Prolopower - Dampflockfoher
10.Tankard - Coming home
11.Disbelief - Coast to coast
12.To Die For - Passion rules the game
13.Breaker - Pictured life
14.Therion - Polar nights
15.Rough Silk - Is there anybody there
16.Metalium - Another peace of meat
17.Seven Witches - Alien nation
18.Custard - Send me an angel
19.S.O.D. - Rock you like a hurricane