A Tribute to Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water

1. Speed King (Kelly Keeling - lead vocals, Yngwie Malmsteen - all guitars)
2. Space Truckin (Kip Winger - lead vocals, Tony MacAlpine - lead guitar)
3. Stormbringer (Glenn Hughes - all vocals, John Norum - lead guitar)
4. Rat Bat Blue (Richie Kotzen - lead vocals, Richie Kotzen - lead guitar)
5. Lazy (Joe Lynn Turner - lead vocals, Yngwie Malmsteen all guitars, except intro guitar fills and intro theme - Russ Parrish)
6. Maybe I'm a Leo (Paul Gilbert - all vocals, Paul Gilbert - lead guitar)
7. Smoke on the Water (Robert Mason - all vocals, Russ Parrish - all guitars)
8. Fireball (Don Dokken - lead vocals, Reb Beach - lead guitar)
9. Hush (Jeff Scott Soto- all vocals, Mike Varney - additional rhythm guitar and fills)
10. Woman from Tokyo (Tony Harnell - lead vocals, Vinnie Moore - lead guitar)