A Tribute to Queen - Queen Dance Traxx I

1. Captain Jack: Another One Bites The Dust (Deacon)
2. Scatman John: The Invisible Man (Queen)
3. Mr. President: A Kind Of Magic (Taylor)
4. Ex-It: I Want It All (Queen)
5. Culture Beat: Under Pressure (Queen /Bowie)
6. Worlds Apart: I Was Born To Love You (Mercury)
7. Masterboy: I Want To Break Free (Deacon)
8. Blossom: Bicycle Race (Mercury)
9. Magic Affair: Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury)
10. E-rotic: Who Wants To Live Forever (May)
11. U96: Flash’s Theme (May)
12. DJ Bobo: Radio Ga Ga (Taylor)
13. Voice: Scandal (Queen)
14. Interactive: We Will Rock You (May)
15. Music Instructor: Friends Will Be Friends (Mercury/Deacon)
16. Acts United: We Are The Champions (Mercury)
17. Performed By Dune: Who Wants To Live Forever (May)