A Tribute To Dream Theater - Voices


1. Evil Wings: A Fortune in lies
2. Moon Of Steel: You Not Me
3. Aztec Jade: Another Day
4. Accomplice: Pull Me Under
5. Empty Tremor: Dream Theater Medley [ a) Take The Time b) Under A Glass Moon c) A Change Of Season d) Learning To Live
6. Overlife: Metropolis Part 1
7. Fifth Season: Peruvian Skies
8. CMKY: Surrounded
9. Eleventh Hour: Learning To Live



1.Evil Wings: Colors Of The New World
2. Moon Of Steel: We're Nothing
3. Aztec Jade: The Calling
4. Accomplice: Couragerous
5. Empty Tremor: The Message Keeper
6. Overlife: The Last Martyr
7. Fifth Season: Destroy My Beauty
8. CMKY: Il Miraggio
9. Eleventh Hour: Inside Out