A Tribute To Running Wild - The Revivalry

CD 1

1.Stormwarrior - Warchild
2.Torment - Prisoner of our Time
3.Paragon - Iron Heads
4.Dark Age - Adrian (S.O.S.)
5.Predator - Under Jolly Roger
6.Burden of Grief - Raise your Fist
7.Twisted Tower Dire - Port Royal
8.Children of Wrath - Black Soul
9.Ligeia - Running Blood
10.The Claymore - Sinister Eyes
11.Asaru - Black Hand Inn
12.Reviver - Pile of Skulls
13.Perzonal War - White Masque
14.Icarus Witch - Evilution
15.Maverick - Blazon Stone
16.Not Fragile - Victim of States Power
17.Kneipenterroisten - Ketten und Leder
18.Pavel Kaminski - Jurek Kapellev - Riding the Storm


CD 2

1.The Rugged - Fight the Oppression
2.Sardonic Feat. Michael Seifert - Raw Ride
3.Crystal Shark - Conquistadores
4.Gang Loco - Branded and Exiled
5.Logar΄s Diary - Riding the Storm
6.Posthumous - The Phantom of Black Hand Hill
7.Crossfire - Beggar's Night
8.Warvenger - Tortuga Bay
9.Airborn - Ballad of William Kidd
10.Katagory - Bad to the Bone
11.Tragedian - Masquerade
12.Agents of Rock - Soulless
13.Torture Boat - Fistful of Dynamite
14.Cyan Bloodbane - Lead or Gold
15.Jontif - Freewind Rider