A Tribute to Kiss


1.Iced Earth - Creatures of the night
2.From the Depths - Rocket ride
3.Hard Ons - Lick It Up
4.Hard Ons - Detroit Rock City
5.INXS - Rock n' roll all nite
6.Pantera - Cold Gin
7.A Tribute to the Partridge - Shout it out
8.Girlschool - Do You Love me
9.Metallica - Detroit Rock city
10.Daniel Desnoyers - I Was Made for Lovin' you
11.Poison - Rock n'roll all nite
12.Foot Fighters - Ozone
13.The Ramones - Any way you want it
14.Skid Row - C'mon and love me
15.Skin Yard - Snowblind
16.Smelly Tongues - Parasite
17.Hullabaloo - Dr. Love
18.Scooter - I Was Made for Lovin' you
19.lenny Kravitz - Deuce
20.Kissin'time - C'mon & Love me



1.Bonnie Tyler - Hide your heart
2.Ankie Bagger - I Was made for loving you
3.Iced Earth - God of Thunder
4.Hayseed Dixie - Love Gun
5.The Mighty Migthy Bosstones - Detroit rock city
6.Nirvana - Do you love me
7.Chemical People - Rip it out
8.Hellmenn - Deuce
9.Surfin caesars - Love gun
10.Helloween - I Stole you love
11.Thrust - Makin' love
12.Coffin Break - Beth
13.A world - Cher
14.Instigators - War machine
15.Kurt nilsen - Crazy crazy night
16.Melvins - God of thunder
17.King sanke roost - I want you