EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 1

1.Dimmu Borgir - Burn In Hell [Twisted Sister Cover]
2.Dark Tranquility - 22 Acacia Avenue [Iron Maiden Cover]
3.Graveworm - It's A Sin [Pet Shop Boys Cover]
4.Marduk - Phantasm [Possesed Cover]
5.Impious - Soldiers Of Hell [Running Wild Cover]
6.The Sins Of Thy Beloved - The Thing That Should Not Be [Metallica Cover]
7.Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Sick, Dirty And Mean [Accept Cover]
8.Children Of Bodom - Silent Scream [Slayer Cover]
9.Kalmah - Skin O' My Teeth [Megadeth Cover]
10.Machine Head - Hole In The Sky [Black Sabbath Cover]
11.Creed - I'm Eighteen [Alice Cooper Cover]
12.Impious - Live Wire [Motley Crue Cover]
13.Graveworm - Losing My Religion [R.E.M. Cover]
14.Children Of Bodom - The Hellion [W.A.S.P. Cover]
15.Death - Painkiller [Judas Priest Cover]
16.Tierra Santa - Communication Breakdown [Led Zeppelin Cover]
17.Steel Prophet - Apparition [Fates Warning Cover]