EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 10

1.Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - As I Die [Paradise Lost Cover]
2.Etheral - Fear Of The Dark [Iron Maiden Cover]
3.H.I.M - Wicked Game [Chris Rea Cover]
4.Nostradameus - Scream Of Anger [Europe Cover]
5.HammerFall - Child Of The Damned [Warlord Cover]
6.Seven Witches - Metal Daze [Manowar Cover]
7.Running Wild - Revolution [The Beatles Cover]
8.Darkane - Restless And Wild [Accept Cover]
9.Gates Of Ishtar - I Wanna Be Somebody [W.A.S.P. Cover]
10.Dark At Dawn - Out In The Field [Gary Moore Cover]
11.Acheron - War Machine [KISS Cover]
12.HammerFall - Ravenlord [Stormwitch Cover]
13.Seven Witches - Wasted [Def Leppard Cover]
14.Lord Belial - The Trooper [Iron Maiden Cover]
15.Diabolic - The God That Failed [Metallica Cover]
16.Metallica - Turn The Page [Bob Seger Cover]