EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 11

1.Gamma Ray - Angel Of Death [Thin Lizzy Cover]
2.Helloween - Sheer Heart Attack [Queen Cover]
3.Vader - Freezing Moon [Mayhem Cover]
4.Dark Funeral - Dead Skin Mask [Slayer Cover]
5.Rob Zombie - Blitzkrieg Bop [The Ramones Cover]
6.Judas Priest - Johnny B. Goode [Chuck Berry Cover]
7.Solarisis - Nothing Else Matters [Metallica Cover]
8.Marduk - Macabre [Samhain Cover]
9.Immortal - From The Dark Past [Mayhem Cover]
10.The Storyteller - Moonchild [Iron Maiden Cover]
11.Cradle Of Filth - Sleepless [Anathema Cover]
12.Dragonland - Neveredning Story [Limahl Cover]
13.Sonata Arctica - Still Loving You [Scorpions Cover]
14.Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal [Michael Jackson Cover]
15.Metallica - It's Electric [Diamond Head Cover]
16.New Eden - Ride The Lightning [Metallica Cover]