EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 13

1.Therion - Under Jolly Roger [Running Wild Cover]
2.Metallica - Stone Cold Crazy [Queen Cover]
3.Sator - I'll Wait [The Suicide Commandos Cover]
4.Guano Apes - Big In Japan [Alphaville Cover]
5.Metalium - Burning [Accept Cover]
6.Vader - Death Metal [Possessed Cover]
7.Driller Killer - Decontrol [Discharge Cover]
8.Tierra Santa - Flight Of Icarus [Iron Maiden Cover]
9.Rykers - London Leatherboys [Accept Cover]
10.Satyricon - Kathaarian Life Code [Darkthrone Cover]
11.Six Feet Under - Son Of A Bitch [Accept Cover]
12.Motorhead - God Save The Queen [Sex Pistols Cover]
13.Nashville Pussy - The Kids Are Back [Twisted Sister Cover]
14.Metallica - Too Late Too Late [Motorhead Cover]