EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 15

1.Motorhead - Shoot 'Em Down [Twisted Sister Cover]
2.Paradise Lost - Small Town Boy [Bronski Beat Cover]
3.Six Feet Under - Smoke On The Water [Deep Purple Cover]
4.Raise Hell - Slaves To Metal [Accept Cover]
5.Mystic Circle - One Rode To Asa Bay [Bathory Cover]
6.Hollow - Becoming [Pantera Cover]
7.Therion - Children Of Damned [Iron Maiden Cover]
8.DragonForce - Rebellion [Grave Digger Cover]
9.Vader - Outbreak Of Evil [Sodom Cover]
10.Opeth - Remember Tomorrow [Iron Maiden Cover]
11.Sator - Ring, Ring [ABBA Cover]
12.Metallica - So What [Anti Nowhere League Cover]
13.Devin Townsend - Sinner [Judas Priest Cover]
14.Castaway - Killed By Death [Motorhead Cover]
15.Avalanch - Hell Patrol [Judas Priest Cover]