EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 4

1.Dan Swan - Peter Thgtgren - Country Girl [DIO Cover]
2.Marilyn Manson - Highway To Hell [AC DC Cover]
3.Iced Earth - God Of Thunder [KISS Cover]
4.Murderdolls - White Wedding [Billy Idol Cover]
5.Blind Guardian - Don't Talk To Strangers [DIO Cover]
6.Stratovarius - Bloodstone [Judas Priest Cover]
7.Iron Savior - Crazy [Seal Cover]
8.Children Of Bodom - Mass Hypnosis [Sepultura Cover]
9.Dimmu Borgir - Metal Heart [Accept Cover]
10.Iced Earth - Creatures Of The Night [KISS Cover]
11.Grave Digger - Running Free [Iron Maiden Cover]
12.Stratovarius - Kill The King [DIO Cover]
13.Metalium - Thank You For The Music [ABBA Cover]
14.Masterplan - Black Dog [Led Zeppelin Cover]
15.Primal Fear - The Rover [Led Zeppelin Cover]
16.Vhdldemar - Gorgar [Helloween Cover]
17.Avalanch - Run To The Hills [Iron Maiden Cover]