EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 6

1.HammerFall - Detroit Rock City [KISS Cover]
2.To Die For - In The Heat Of The Night [Sandra Cover]
3.Thunderstone - Diamonds And Rust [Judas Priest Cover]
4.Arch Enemy - Aces High [Iron Maiden Cover]
5.Graveworm - Christian Woman [Type O Negative Cover]
6.The Crown - Burnin' Leather [Bathory Cover]
7.Children Of Bodom - Don't Stop At The Top [Scorpions Cover]
8.Sonata Arctica - Die With Your Boots On [Iron Maiden Cover]
9.Norther - Smash [The Offspring Cover]
10.Witchery - Fast As A Shark [Accept Cover]
11.In Flames - Everything Counts [Depeche Mode Cover]
12.PAIN - Eleanor Rigby [The Beatles Cover]
13.Edge Of Sanity - Envisible Sun [Sting Cover]
14.Dragonland - Sole Survivor [Helloween Cover]
15.Jester - Kickstart My Heart [Motley Crue Cover]
16.Darkane - Powerslave [Iron Maiden Cover]