EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 8

1.Anal Stench - Territory [Sepultura Cover]
2.Arch Enemy - Starbreaker [Judas Priest Cover]
3.Helloween - Fast As A Shark [Accept Cover]
4.Satyricon - Orgasmatron [Motorhead Cover]
5.Marduk - Paint It Black [The Rolling Stones Cover]
6.In Flames - Eye Of The Beholder [Metallica Cover]
7.Edge Of Sanity - Blood Of My Enemies [Manowar Cover]
8.White Zombie - Children Of The Grave [Black Sabbath Cover]
9.HammerFall - Man On The Silver Mountain [DIO Cover]
10.Gamma Ray - It's A Sin [Pet Shop Boys Cover]
11.The Haunted - Well Of Souls [Candlemass Cover]
12.Soulfly - Under The Sun [Black Sabbath Cover]
13.Sepultura - Symptom Of The Universe [Black Sabbath Cover]
14.Krabathor - The Four Horsemen [Metallica Cover]
15.Metallica - Sabbra Cadabra [Black Sabbath Cover]
16.Entombed - One Track Mind [Motorhead Cover]