EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 20

1.Pretty Maids - Hard Luck Woman [KISS Cover]
2.Armageddon - Die With Your Boots On [Iron Maiden Cover]
3.Swordmaster - Warriors Of Death [Sepultura Cover]
4.Faster Pussycat - I Was Made For Loving You [KISS Cover]
5.The Crown - Arise [Sepultura Cover]
6.Vader - Rapid Fire [Judas Priest Cover]
7.Iced Earth - Screaming For Vengeance [Judas Priest Cover]
8.Motorhead - It's A Long Way To The Top [AC-DC Cover]
9.H.I.M. - Rebel Yell (Live) [Billy Idol Cover]
10.Devlin - White Wedding [Billy Idol Cover]
11.Bathory - Black Diamond [KISS Cover]
12.The Donnas - Living After Midnight [Judas Priest Cover]
13.Nasum - Tools Of The Trade [Carcass Cover]
14.Vader - Black Sabbath [Black Sabbath Cover]
15.Nocturnal Rites - Wasted Years [Iron Maiden Cover]
16.Clawfinger - Vienna [Ultravox Cover]