EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 22

1.Type O Negative - Day Tripper [Beatles Cover]
2.Vader - Merciless Death [Dark Angel Cover]
3.From The Depths - Rocket Ride [KISS Cover]
4.Decameron - 2 Minutes To Midnight [Iron Maiden Cover]
5.Transport League - War Machine [KISS Cover]
6.P.O.D. - Bullet The Blue Sky [U2 Cover]
7.Iced Earth - The Number Of The Beast [Iron Maiden Cover]
8.Twisted Sister - Sin City [AC-DC Cover]
9.HammerFall - Run With The Devil [Heavy Load Cover]
10.Hostile Intent - Deuce [KISS Cover]
11.Mystic Prophecy - Sanctuary [Iron Maiden Cover]
12.Aska - Flight Of Icarus [Iron Maiden Cover]
13.Sepultura - The Hunt [New Model Army Cover]
14.Steel Prophet - The Eagle Has Landed [Saxon Cover]
15.Suidakra - The One Piece Puzzle [Skyclad Cover]
16.Emperor - Funeral Fog [Mayhem Cover]