EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 23

1.HammerFall - Angel Of Mercy [Chastain Cover]
2.Destruction - Whiplash [Metallica Cover]
3.Tchort - I Love It Loud [KISS Cover]
4.Six Feet Under - In League With Satan [Venom Cover]
5.Gooseflesh - Killers [Iron Maiden Cover]
6.Mystic Prophecy - Fighting The World [Manowar Cover]
7.Yngwie Malmsteen - Gimme Gimme Gimme [ABBA Cover]
8.Locomotive Breath - Scream Of Anger [Europe Cover]
9.Smash - War Machine [KISS Cover]
10.Steel Prophet - Top Of The Bill [Scorpions Cover]
11.Angra - Mama [Genesis Cover]
12.HammerFall - Rising Force [Yngwie Malmsteen Cover]
13.Rammstein - Das Model [Kraftwerk Cover]
14.Amorphis - Light My Fire [The Doors Cover]
15.Vile - Strange Ways [KISS Cover]
16.Sepultura - We Gotta Know (Live) [Cro-Mags Cover]