EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 25

1.Dementia - White Wedding [Billy Idol Cover]
2.Arise - Communication Breakdown [Led Zeppelin Cover]
3.Soilwork - Egypt [Mercyful Fate Cover]
4.Gardenian - Cut Throat [Sepultura Cover]
5.Pink Cream 69 - Looks That Kill [Motley Crue Cover]
6.Powergod - Starlight [Helloween Cover]
7.Slayer - Hand Of Doom [Black Sabbath Cover]
8.Earthcorpse - Lost Wisdom [Burzum Cover]
9.Emperor - A Fine Day To Die [Bathory Cover]
10.Grave Digger - No Quarter [Led Zeppelin Cover]
11.Freternia - Murderer [Helloween Cover]
12.White Skull - Stairway To Heaven [Led Zeppelin Cover]
13.Iron Savior - Phantoms Of Death [Helloween Cover]
14.Sacramentum - The Curse - Antichrist [Sepultura Cover]
15.Regurgitate - Psychopathologist [Carcass Cover]
16.Emperor - Ζrie Descent [Thorns Cover]