EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 26

1.Blood For Blood - Ace Of Spades [Motorhead Cover]
2.From The Depths - Creeping Death [Metallica Cover]
3.Vital Remains - Dethroned Emperor [Celtic Frost Cover]
4.Dissection - Elisabeth Bathory [Tormentor Cover]
5.Nehemah - Call From The Grave [Bathory Cover]
6.Marduk - The Return Of Darkness & Evil [Bathory Cover]
7.Metallica - Die, Die My Darling [Misfits Cover]
8.Pro-Pain - Circle Of The Tyrants [Celtic Frost Cover]
9.Dark Funeral - The Trial [King Diamond Cover]
10.Radakka - Nightcrawler [Judas Priest Cover]
11.Steel Prophet - Fade To Black [Metallica Cover]
12.Metallica - Am I Evil [Diamond Head Cover]
13.Otyg - Holy Diver [DIO Cover]
14.Pro-Pain - Iron Fist [Motorhead Cover]
15.Marduk - Sodomize The Dead [Piledriver Cover]
16.Behemoth - Total Disaster [Destruction Cover]
17.Soulless - Motorbreath [Metallica Cover]