EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 28

1.Anthrax - Remember Tomorrow [Iron Maiden Cover]
2.Disturbed - Shout [Tears For Fears Cover]
3.Silent Force - All Guns Blazing [Judas Priest Cover]
4.Dark Tranquility - Sacred Reich [Sacred Reich Cover]
5.Gamma Ray - Victim Of Changes [Judas Priest Cover]
6.Emerald Rain - Sleeping In The Fire [W.A.S.P. Cover]
7.Ceremonial Castings - Night Of The Graveless Souls [Emperor Cover]
8.Backyard Babies - Pet Semetary [The Ramones Cover]
9.Primal Fear - Out In The Field [Thin Lizzy Cover]
10.Fleshtized - Rapture [Morbid Angel Cover]
11.Anal Stench - Stripped, Raped And Strangled [Cannibal Corpse Cover]
12.At The Gates - Captor Of Sin [Slayer Cover]
13.Pro-Pain - South Of Heaven [Slayer Cover]
14.Seven Witches - Widowmaker [W.A.S.P. Cover]
15.Fates Warning - Saints In Hell [Judas Priest Cover]
16.Sentenced - The Trooper [Iron Maiden Cover]
17.Paragon - To Hell And Back Again [Saxon Cover]