EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 31

1.Sarnath - Stemmen Fra Tarnet [Burzum Cover]
2.A Dangerous Meeting - Gardenian [Mercyful Fate cover]
3.D.A.D - Havana Affair [The Ramones Cover]
4.Axel Rudi Pell - Still I'm Sad [DIO Cover]
5.Running Wild - Genocide [Thin Lizzy Cover]
6.Venom - Speed King [Deep Purple Cover]
7.Sacramentum - Black Masses [Black Sabbath Cover]
8.Dimension Zero - My Demon [Mercyful Fate Cover]
9.Diesel Machine - Children Of The Damned [Iron Maiden Cover]
10.Maryslim - I Believe In Miracles [The Ramones Cover]
11.Crowbar - Remember Tomorrow [Iron Maiden Cover]
12.From The Depths - Iron Maiden [Iron Maiden Cover]
13.Steel Dragon - Long Live Rock And Roll [DIO Cover]
14.Steel Prophet - Gangland [Iron Maiden Cover]
15.Sodom - Iron Fist [Motorhead Cover]
16.Dawn Of Oblivion - Body Electric [The Sisters Of Mercy Cover]
17.Dungeon - Wild Child [W.A.S.P. Cover]