EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 32

1.Nokturne La - Raining Blood [Slayer Cover]
2.Solitude Returns - Hallowed Be Thy Name [Iron Maiden Cover]
3.Holy Mother - Holy Diver [DIO Cover]
4.Enslaved - Natassja In Eternal Sleep [Darkthrone Cover]
5.Konkhra - Orgasmatron [Motorhead Cover]
6.Sator - Over The Top [Motorhead Cover]
7.Stone Temple Pilots - Pour Some Sugar On Me (Live) [Def Leppard Cover]
8.Aurora - Eastmann's Cure [King Diamond Cover]
9.Serberus - Ghost Of War [Slayer Cover]
10.Tankard - Iron Maiden [Iron Maiden Cover]
11.Arthemis - Love Gun [KISS Cover]
12.Hearse - Metal Meltdown [Judas Priest Cover]
13.Carpathian Forest - Possibilities Of Life's Destruction [Discharge Cover]
14.Possession - Revelations [Iron Maiden Cover]
15.Nephasth - War Ensemble [Slayer Cover]
16.Sator - Mental Hell [The Ramones Cover]
17.Ensiferum - Breaking The Law [Judas Priest Cover]