EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 34

1.Gehennah - Reaper [Bathory Cover]
2.Scary German Guy - Shout It Out Loud [KISS Cover]
3.Ill Nino - Five Minutes Alone [Pantera Cover]
4.Benediction - Electric Eye [Judas Priest Cover]
5.Opthalamia - Sacrifice [Bathory Cover]
6.Jeff Martin - Children Of The Grave [Ozzy Cover]
7.Blood Coven - God Of Thunder [KISS Cover]
8.Vader - Immortal Rites [Morbid Angel Cover]
9.Deteriorot - Read Between The Lines [Slayer Cover]
10.Aggressor - Welcome Home [King Diamond Cover]
11.Satyricon - Born For Burning [Bathory Cover]
12.Debauchery - Detroit Rock City [KISS Cover]
13.Rage - Fast As A Shark [Accept Cover]
14.Diabolic - Visions From The Dark Side [Morbid Angel Cover]
15.Unanimated - Raise The Dead [Bathory Cover]
16.Absu - Deathcrush [Mayhem Cover]
17.Steel Prophet - Dreamer Deciever [Judas Priest Cover]