EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 35

1.Rage - Motorbreath (Live) [Metallica Cover]
2.Acrimony - And The Story Ends [Blind Guardian Cover]
3.Sebastian Bach - Crazy Train [Ozzy Cover]
4.Diesel Machine - Children Of The Damned [Iron Maiden Cover]
5.Necrophobic - Enter The Eternal Fire [Bathory Cover]
6.Annihilator - Hell Bent For Leather [Judas Priest Cover]
7.Entombed - Hollywood Babylon [Misfits Cover]
8.Twilight Hall - Imaginations From The Other Side [Blind Guardian Cover]
9.Armored Saint - Never Satisfied [Judas Priest Cover]
10.Conquest - The Evil That Men Do [Iron Maiden Cover]
11.Sebastian Bach - Rock Bottom [Ace Frehley Cover]
12.Krisiun - Unholy Blasphemies [Morbid Angel Cover]
13.Hate Theory - Goin' Blind [KISS Cover]
14.Engrave - Evil Has No Boundaries [Slayer Cover]
15.Damnation - Mansion In Darkness [King Diamond Cover]
16.Backyard Babies - Teenagers From Mars [Misfits Cover]
17.Sentenced - Digging The Grave [Faith No More Cover]