EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 38

1.Sebastian Bach - Communication Breakdown [Led Zeppelin Cover]
2.Chinchilla - I Stole Your Love [KISS Cover]
3.Rage - Jawbreaker [Judas Priest Cover]
4.Godbelow - Master Of Puppets [Metallica Cover]
5.Habeas Corpus - Peace Sells [Megadeth Cover]
6.Dofka - Powerslave [Iron Maiden Cover]
7.Soulfly - Smoke On The Water [Deep Purple Cover]
8.Stormhammer - The Law [Judas Priest Cover]
9.Zimmers Hole - This Flight Tonight [Nazareth Cover]
10.Soulscar - This Was My Life [Megadeth Cover]
11.Morgion - To Tame A Land [Iron Maiden Cover]
12.Eidolon - Bastard [Motley Crue Cover]
13.Anthrax - Friggin' In The Riggin' [Sex Pistols Cover]
14.Soundgarden - Come Together [Beatles Cover]
15.Moksha - Can I Play With Madness [Iron Maiden Cover]
16.Mystic Force - Where Eagles Dare [Iron Maiden Cover]
17.Holochaust - Master Of Puppets [Metallica Cover]