EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 48

1.Type O Negative - Cinnamon Girl [Neil Young Cover]
2.Entwine - Enjoy The Silence [Depeche Mode Cover]
3.Earth Crisis - Holiday In Cambodia [Dead Kennedys Cover]
4.Morifade - Judas [Helloween Cover]
5.Anthrax - Phantom Lord [Metallica Cover]
6.Marduk - Sex With Satan [Piledriver Cover]
7.At Vance - The Winner Takes It All [ABBA Cover]
8.Danzig - Trouble [Elvis Presley Cover]
9.Vision Divine - Eagle Fly Free [Helloween Cover]
10.Godhead - Eleanor Rigby [The Beatles Cover]
11.W.A.S.P. - It's A Long Way To The Top [AC DC Cover]
12. Thanatos - Satans Curse [Possessed
13.Marduk - Total Disaster [Destruction Cover]
14.Blasphemy - Black Magic [Slayer Cover]
15.Sugarcoma - Crazy [Britney Spears Cover]
16.Anthrax - Dethroned Emperor [Celtic Frost Cover]
17.Kreator - Witching Hour [Venom Cover]