EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 50

1.Twentyinchburial - Jailbreak [Thin Lizzy Cover]
2.Angel Dust - Temple Of The King [Rainbow Cover]
3.Guns 'N' Roses - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory [Johnny Thunders Cover]
4.Heaven's Gate - A Little Time [Helloween Cover]
5.Drain STH - Ace Of Spades [Motorhead Cover]
6.Twentyinchburial - The Wicker Man [Iron Maiden Cover]
7.Anthrax - Love Her All I Can [KISS Cover]
8.W.A.S.P. - Mississippi Queen [Ted Nugent Cover]
9.Sinister - Praise Of Death [Slayer Cover]
10.Skid Row - Psycho Therapy [The Ramones Cover]
11.Demons & Wizards - White Room [Cream Cover]
12.Vital Remains - Countess Bathory [Venom Cover]
13.Deceased - Fire In The Sky [Saxon Cover]
14.Konkhra - Prowler [Iron Maiden Cover]
15.Skid Row - C'mon And Love Me [KISS Cover]
16.Guns 'N' Roses - Knockin' On Heaven's Door [Bob Dylan Cover]
17.Crown Of Thorns - Don't Let Me Down [Beatles Cover]