EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 51

1.Wolf - A Dangerous Meeting [Mercyful Fate Cover]
2.Children Of Bodom - Rebel Yell [Billy Idol Cover]
3.Black Diamond Brigade - Black Diamond [KISS Cover]
4.Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes [The Who Cover]
5.Tiamat - Sleeping In The Fire [W.A.S.P. Cover]
6.Nevergreen - Strangelove [Depeche Mode Cover]
7.Terror Test - The Memory Remains The Same [Metallica Cover]
8.Skyclad - Prime Evil [Venom Cover]
9.Paragon - Killed By Death [Motorhead Cover]
10.Therion - Green Manalishi [Judas Priest Cover]
11.Labyrinth - Future World [Helloween Cover]
12.Thunderstone - Welcome Home (Sanitarium) [Metallica Cover]
13.Stormlord - Moonchild [Iron Maiden Cover]
14.Therion - Crying Days [Scorpions Cover]
15.Angra - Wuthering Heights [Kate Bush Cover]
16.Static-X - Behind The Wall Of Sleep [Black Sabbath Cover]
17.Carpathian Forest - A Forest [The Cure Cover]