EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 52

1.Stormlord - Baphomet [Death SS Cover]
2.Aborted - Carnal Forge [Carcass Cover]
3.Ragnarok - Fainted Eyes [Celtic Frost Cover]
4.Destruction - Fuck The U.S.A [Exploited Cover]
5.Deadhead - Heavy Metal Thunder [Saxon Cover]
6.Helloween - Cold Sweat [Thin Lizzy Cover]
7.Highlord - Power [Helloween Cover]
8.0-Ring - Break Stuff [Limp Bizkit Cover]
9.Seven Witches - The Chain [Fleetwood Mac Cover]
10.Impious - Trapped Under Ice [Metallica Cover]
11.Shadows Fall - Welcome To The Machine [Pink Floyd Cover]
12.Beverly Killbillies - Wanted Man [Johnny Cash Cover]
13.Axenstar - Twilight Of The Gods [Helloween Cover]
14.Necessary Evil - Eat You Alive [Limp Bizkit Cover]
15.Pegazus - Restless And Wild [Accept Cover]
16.Jeff Scott Soto - Frozen [Madonna Cover]
17.Disturbed - Fade To Black (Live) [Metallica Cover]