EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 56

1.Apollyon's Sun - Babylon Fell [Celtic Frost Cover]
2.Enslaved - Procreation Of The Wicked [Celtic Frost Cover]
3.Angel Corpse - Burning In Hell [Possessed Cover]
4.Mark Gryning - Storming With Menace [Kreator Cover]
5.Crease - Too Late For Love [Def Leppard Cover]
6.Haste - You're Crazy [Guns 'N' Roses Cover]
7.Rough Silk - Screaming For A Lovebite [Accept Cover]
8.Warrant - We Will Rock You [Queen Cover]
9.Custard - Send Me An Angel [Scorpions Cover]
10.Pentacle - The Beasts Of Apocalypse [Possessed Cover]
11.Custard - Aiming High [Accept Cover]
12.Riotgun - Ace Of Spades [Motorhead Cover]
13.Liers In Wait - Angel Of Death [Slayer Cover]
14.Motorhead - R.A.M.O.N.E.S. [The Ramones Cover]
15.Ion Vein - Take Hold Of The Flame [Queensryche Cover]
16.The Chasm - Take Their Lives [Kreator Cover]
17.Necrophobic - Nightmare [Venom Cover]
18.Powergod - Neon Knights [Black Sabbath Cover]