EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 58

1.Skinlab - Bullet With Butterfly Wings [Smashing Pumpkins Cover]
2.Infestum - Buried Alive [Venom Cover]
3.Krabathor - Evil Warriors [Possessed Cover]
4.Dew Scented - Fatal If Swallowed [Overkill Cover]
5.Sacred Sin - The Death Of Innocence [Dark Angel Cover]
6.Black Witchery - Tormentor [Kreator Cover]
7.Couragous - Trapped In A Corner [Death Cover]
8.Norther - Tornado Of Souls [Megadeth Cover]
9.Eric Knight Band - Foolin' [Def Leppard Cover]
10.Baltimoore - Beggars Day [Nazareth Cover]
11.Highlord - Thor The Power Head [Manowar Cover]
12.Sigma - S.O.S [ABBA Cover]
13.Crisis De Fe - Kingdom Come [Manowar Cover]
14.Sevendust - I Am (I'm Me) [Twisted Sisters Cover]
15.Estuary Of Calamity - A Mansion In Darkness [King Diamond Cover]
16.Necrophobic - Die By The Sword [Slayer Cover]
17.Funeral Procession - Der Ruf Aus Dem Turm [Burzum Cover]