EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 59

1.Majesty - Battle Hymm [Manowar Cover]
2.Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Black Tears [Edge Of Sanity Cover]
3.The Syre - Black Spell Of Destruction [Burzum Cover]
4.Greenfly - Born Dead [Death Cover]
5.Aurora Borealis - Extreme Agression [Kreator Cover]
6.Freedom Call - Dr. Stein [Helloween Cover]
7.Edguy - I'll Cry For You [Europe Cover]
8.Baltimoore - Kill The King [DIO Cover]
9.Shadowkeep - Queen Of The Ryche [Queensrhyche Cover]
10.Fury - The Waiting [King Diamond Cover]
11.Divine Eve - Visions Of Mortality [Celtic Frost Cover]
12.Helloween - White Room [Cream Cover]
13.Vision Of Disorder - Don't Let Me Down [Twisted Sisters Cover]
14.Ramjam - Love Gun [KISS Cover]
15.Sacred Sin - The Chanting Of The Priest [Venom Cover]
16.Sadistic Intent - The Exorcist [Possessed Cover]
17.Skylark - When Love And Hate Collide [Def Leppard Cover]