EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 60

1.Dee Snider - Detroit Rock City [KISS Cover]
2.Baltimoore - Mississippi Queen [Ted Nugent Cover]
3.Mists Of Avalon - Prison Sex [Tool Cover]
4.Prototype - Welcome Home [King Diamond Cover]
5.Divine Rapture - World Of Shit [Morbid Angel Cover]
6.Lemmy Kilmeister - Shout It Out Loud [KISS Cover]
7.Pantera - Cat Scratch Fever [Ted Nugent Cover]
8.Baltimoore - Never Say Die [Black Sabbath Cover]
9.Gene Simmons - Firestarter [Prodigy Cover]
10.Kreator - Gangland [Iron Maiden Cover]
11.Houwitser - March To Die [Possessed Cover]
12.Sadistic Intent - Return To The Eve [Celtic Frost Cover]
13.Rosae Crucis - Pleasure Slave [Manowar Cover]
14.Burning Inside - Twilight Symphony [King Diamond Cover]
15.Goddess Of Desire - Under The Guillotine [Kreator Cover]
16.Quiet Riot - Rock, Rock [Def Leppard Cover]
17.Spew - For Whom The Bell Tolls [Metallica Cover]