EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 61

1.Die Krupps - Battery [Metallica Cover]
2.Arch Enemy - Kill With Power [Manowar Cover]
3.Ten Masked Men - Papa Don't Preach [Madonna Cover]
4.Hatesphere - Bark At The Moon [Ozzy Cover]
5.Throwdown - Baby Got Back [Sir Mix-A-Lot Cover]
6.Lit - I Wanna Rock [Twisted Sisters Cover]
7.Orgy - Blue Monday [New Order Cover]
8.Guns 'N' Roses - Since I Don't Have You [Joe Rock Cover]
9.Ten Masked Men - Stayin' Alive [Bee Gees Cover]
10.Arch Enemy - Symphony Of Destruction [Megadeth Cover]
11.Luror - Key To The Gate [Burzum Cover]
12.Absu - Swing Of The Axe [Possessed Cover]
13.Ophtalamia - Deathcrush [Mayhem Cover]
14.Sodom - Surfin' Bird [The Trashmen Cover]
15.Megadeth - These Boots Are Made For Walking [Nancy Sinatra Cover]
16.Exodus - Low Rider [WAR Cover]
17.My Ruin - Tainted Love [Gloria Jones Cover]
18.Celtic Frost - Heroes [David Bowie Cover]
19.Grave - Black Dawn [Corpse Cover]