EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 63

1.Tolchock - The Thing That Should Not Be [Metallica Cover]
2.Lambretta - Dream Police [Cheap Trick Cover]
3.Evereve - House Of The Rising Sun [The Animals Cover]
4.Razamanaz - King Of The Nightime World [KISS Cover]
5.Tarot - Locomotive Breath [Jethro Tull Cover]
6.Sonata Arctica - Two Minds, One Soul [Vanishing Point Cover]
7.Twilightning - Wind-Up Toy [Alice Cooper Cover]
8.Drain STH - 20th Century Boy [T-Rex Cover]
9.The Forsaken - You'll Never See [Grave Cover]
10.Motorhead - Whiplash [Metallica Cover]
11.Throttlerod - Black Betty [Ram Jam Cover]
12.Everlone - Breakfast In America [Supertramp Cover]
13.Seventh Avenue - Burning Heart [Survivor Cover]
14.Alabama Thunderpussy - Hymn 43 [Jethro Tull Cover]
15.Lefay - Strange Ways [KISS Cover]
16.Thunderstorm - Electric Funeral [Black Sabbath Cover]
17.Persuader - Domination [Pantera Cover]