EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 65

1.The Forsaken - Spirit In Black [Slayer Cover]
2.Arachnes - Flash Of The Blade [Iron Maiden Cover]
3.Silent Rage - Is It My Body [Alice Cooper Cover]
4.Galactic Cowboys - I Want You [KISS Cover]
5.Seventh Avenue - Sailing [Rod Stewart Cover]
6.Lana Lane - Still Loving You [Scorpions Cover]
7.Warrant - Suffragette City [David Bowie Cover]
8.Shadows Of Steel - Strange Wings [Savatage Cover]
9.Napalm Death - Messiah [Hellhammer Cover]
10.Demon Drive - Sure Know Something [KISS Cover]
11.Lucyfire - Sharp Dressed Man [ZZ-Top Cover]
12.Morgana Lefay - Razamanaz [Nazareth Cover]
13.Napalm Death - Riot Of Violence [Kreator Cover]
14.Grave Digger - School's Out [Alice Cooper Cover]
15.GUN - Word Up [Cameo Cover]
16.Nasty Idols - Too Drunk To Fuck [Dead Kennedy's Cover]
17.Mortifera - Fruits Of A Tragic End [Celestia Cover]