EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 68

1.Grave Digger - Children Of The Grave [Black Sabbath Cover]
2.Holy Mother - Holy Diver [DIO Cover]
3.Kid Rock - Legs [ZZ Top Cover]
4.The Reign Of Terror - Kill The King [Rainbow Cover]
5.LA Guns - My Michelle [Guns 'N' Roses Cover]
6.System Of A Down - Snowblind [Black Sabbath Cover]
7.Def Leppard - Stay With Me [Faces Cover]
8.Fozzy - Big City nights (Scorpions Cover)
9.Heaven's Cry - Beds Are Burning [Midnight Oil Cover]
10.Lefay - Cocaine [Eric Clapton Cover]
11.Ayreon - How You Gonna See Me Now [Alice Cooper Cover]
12.Blackmore's Night - Diamonds And Rust [Joan Baez Cover]
13.Fozzy - Love Machine [W.A.S.P Cover]
14.Lana Lane - Stargazer [Rainbow Cover]
15.Warped - Dog Eat Dog [AC-DC Cover]
16.Fozzy - Balls To The Wall [Accept Cover]