EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 70

1.At Vance - 5th Symphony [Beethoven Cover]
2.Sirenia - First We Take Manhatten [Leonard Cohen Cover]
3.Moonspell - Love Will Tear Us Apart [Joy Division Cover]
4.Enslaved - Dauden [Windir Cover]
5.Mφrk Gryning - Neverwhere [At The Gates Cover]
6.Avernal - Green Machine [Kyuss Cover]
7.Sober - No More Tears [OZZY Cover]
8.Elis - Show Me Heaven [Maria McKee Cover]
9.Timo Kotipelto - Metanol Man [Klamydia Cover]
10.Blodsrit - Solitude [Candlemass Cover]
11.Finntroll - Ending [Windir Cover]
12.The Storyteller - Bark At The Moon [OZZY Cover]
13.Paganizer - Nausea [At The Gates Cover]
14.Acheron - Dawn Of Meggido [Celtic Frost Cover]
15.Nine - United Forces [S.O.D. Cover]
16.In Aeternum - Blood Runs From The Altar [Grotesque Cover]