EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 71

1.One - More [The Sisters Of Mercy Cover]
2.Razed In Black - Welcome Home (Sanitarium) [Metalica Cover]
3.Kannon - Bark At The Moon [OZZY Cover]
4.Eternal Gray - Blinded By Fear [At The Gates Cover]
5.Sauron - Phototropic [Kyuss Cover]
6.Catch The Rainbow - Rainbow Eyes [DIO Cover]
7.Atrocity - Shake Your Heads [Accept Cover]
8.Rosetta Stone - Shout [Tears For Fears Cover]
9.Cryptic Carnage - Blood And Fire [Type O Negative Cover]
10.Hellfueled - Children Of The Grave [Black Sabbath Cover]
11.Lethal Fear - Flight Of Icarus [Iron Maiden Cover]
12.Sacred Sin - Evil Has No Boundaries [Slayer Cover]
13.Ghoul - What A Wonderful World [Louis Armstrong Cover]
14.Diabolic - Rapture [Morbid Angel Cover]
15.Lethal Fear - Beyond The Realms Of Death [Judas Priest Cover]
16.The Step Kings - Burn In Hell [Twisted Sister Cover]
17.Jeff Scott Soto - Born To Be Wild [Steppenwolf Cover]