EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 72

1.End Of Green - Black No 1 [Type O Negative Cover]
2.Enola Gay - Heaven And Hell [DIO Cover]
3.Darkseed - I Turn To You [Mel C Cover]
4.Axxis - Flash Rockin' Man [Accept Cover]
5.Godhate - Kingdom Gone [At The Gates Cover]
6.Cradle Of Filth - Mr. Crowley [OZZY Cover]
7.Underoath - Wrapped Around Your Finger [The Police Cover]
8.Lana Lane - The Wall [Kansas Cover]
9.Flegma - The Thing That Should Not Be [Metallica Cover]
10.Judas Priest - Better By You, Better Than Me [Spooky Tooth Cover]
11.Horn Of Valere - Call From The Grave [Bathory Cover]
12.Sacred Sin - Day Of Suffering [Morbid Angel Cover]
13.Snotrocket - Escape [Metallica Cover]
14.Fates Warning - Sign Of The Southern Cross [DIO Cover]
15.Godgory - Princess Of The Dawn [Accept Cover]
16.Headshot - Black Magic [Slayer Cover]