EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 74

1.Mors Principium Est - Blood Of Heroes [Megadeth]
2.Angelzoom - Crawling [Linkin Park]
3.Primal Fear - Die Young [Black Sabbath]
4.Samael - I Feel You [Depeche Mode]
6.Shaaman - More [The Sisters Of Mercy]
7.Ayreon - No Quarter [Led Zeppelin]
8.Warmen ft. kimberly goss - Alone(heart)
9.Divinefire - Free Like An Eagle [Talk Of The Town]
10.At Vance - Eye Of The Tiger [Survivor]
11.Children Of Bodom - Oops I Did It Again [Britney Spears]
12.Kreator - Lucretia My Reflection [The Sisters Of Mercy]
13.Gardens Of Gehenna - Prelude To Agony [Type O Negative]
14.Crucified Barbara - Killed By Death [Motorhead]
15.Great White - Sin City [AC-DC]
16.Motley Crue - Street Fighting Man [Rolling Stones]
17.Hostile Intent - Roots [Sepultura]