EvIL Ultimate Metal Covers 75

1.Empire - Detroit Rock City [KISS]
2.Dead Bang - Satisfaction [The Rolling Stones]
3.Seven Witches - Monsterman [Accept]
4.Everclear - The Boys Are Back In Town [Thin Lizzy]
5.Donots - We're Not Gonna Take It [Twisted Sister]
6.Dungeon - Waiting For An Alibi [Thin Lizzy]
7.My Sixth Shadow - With Or Without You [U2]
8.Bloodstone - Ziggy Stardust [David Bowie]
9.Steel Prophet - Neon Knights [DIO]
10.Saxon - Court Of The Crimson King [King Crimson]
11.Barilari - Heaven And Hell [Black Sabbath]
12.Great White - Somebody To Love [The Rolling Stones]
13.Nevermore - The Sound Of Silence [Simon And Garfunkel]
14.Edguy - The Spirit [Magnum]
15.Misanthrope - Suicide Nation [At The Gates]
16.Disbelief - Spill The Blood [Slayer]