A Greek Tribute To Depeche Mode Around The World And Back

01.Yeah - Policy Of Truth
02.Micro - World In My Eyes
03.Peta - Only When I Lose Myself
04.Raining Pleasure - Shouldn't Have Done That
05.Mindwaltz - Shake The Disease
06.Monitor - Little 15
07.Marsheaux - New Life
08.Emigre - Somebody
09.Fotonovela - But Not Tonight
10.Decode - Behind The Wheel
11.Oberon - Enjoy The Silence
12.Atria - Photographic
13.Korgialas - Halo
14.Foboi Tou Prigkhpa - Never Let Me Down Again
15.Orxhstra Tou 5ou Galaxia - In Your Room
16.Papadopoulou - Stripped
17.Carpe Diem - Clean