Timo Raisanen - ...And Then There Was Timo

1. Didn't We Almost Have it All (Whitney Houston Cover)
2. Time For Me To Fly (Dolly Parton Cover)
3. Dirty Work (Steely Dan Cover)
4. Halo
5. Turn 27 (Niccokick Cover)
6. Take These Words
7. Without You (Mariah Carey Cover)
8. Drive Dead Slow (Sahara Hotnigh Cover)
9. You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) (Josh Groban Cover)
10. You Shock Me All Night Long (AC/DC Cover)
11. About You Now
12. Relative Ways (YWKUBTTOD Cover)
13. I Got You Babe
14. The Mirror's Truth (In Flames Cover)
15. You Get What You Give
16. Creep (Radiohead Cover)