A Gothic Tribute To Edgar Allan Poe - Songs Of Terror

1. Midnight Configuration - Decline & Fall (The Fall Of The House Of Usher)
2. Kommunity FK - Undulate (The Devil In The Belfry)
3. Desmo Donte - Nevermore (The Raven)
4. Wreckage - Come The Night (Ligeia)
5. Imortalis Amor - Closer To My Death (And Other Words Of Love) (The Pit & The Pendulum)
6. Stone 588 - Momento Mori (The Masque Of The Red Death)
7. Faith And The Muse - Through The Pale Door (The Haunted Palace)
8. Trance To The Sun - Virginia's Lament (Music)
9.Stun Gun - Silence In My Solitude (Dream Land)
10.Jennifer Hope - Dream Within A Dream (A Dream Within A Dream)
11.Fear Cult - Evil Eye (The Tell-Tale Heart)
12.Cruciform - Alone (Alone)
13.Cinema Strange - Legs and Tarpaulin (King Pest)
14.Ex Voto - The Assignation (The Assignation)