Powergod - Bleed For The Gods - That's Metal Lesson I

1. Lion's Roar/Bound To Be Free (Savage Grace)
2. Bleed For The Gods (Agent Steel)
3. Metal Church (Metal Church)
4. Ruler Of The Wasteland (Chastain)
5. Kill With Power (Manowar)
6. Stars (Hear' N Aid)
7. Burning The Witches (Warlock)
8. I'm A Viking (Yngwie Malmsteen)
9. XXX (Nasty Savage)
10. Steel The Light (Q 5)
11. Tor With The Hammer (TNT)
12. Madhouse (Anthrax)
13. Metal Merchants (Hallows Eve)
14. Red Rum (Lizzy Borden)
15. Soldiers Under Command (Stryper)
16. You And I (M.A.R.S/Driver)