Powergod - Long Live The Loud - That's Metal Lesson II

1. Fall Out/Long Live The Loud (Exciter)
2. Screams from the Grave (Abattoir)
3. Mind Over Metal (Raven)
4. Heavy Chains (Loudness)
5. Bombs of Death (Hirax)
6. Rocking Through The Night (Rosy Vista)
7. I'd Rather Be Sleeping (D.R.I.) 00
8. Ready to Rock (Wendy O'Williams)
9. Motormount (Anvil)
10. Better Off Dead (Hellion)
11. Deathrider (Omen)
12. Total Desaster (Destruction)
13. Cutt Your Heart Out (Rough Cutt)
14. The War Drags Ever On (Tank)