Roxxcalibur - NWOBHM For Muthas

1. Big Ben
2. Running For The Line (JJ’S POWERHOUSE)
3. The Gates Of Gehenna (CLOVEN HOOF)
4. Seven Days Of Splendour (JAMESON RAID)
5. Rainbow Warrior (BLEAK HOUSE)
6. Axe Crazy (JAGUAR)
7. Lady Of Mars (DARK STAR)
8. Destiny (TRIDENT)
9. War Of The Ring (ARC)
10. Witchfinder General (WITCHFINDER GENERAL)
11. Let It Loose (SAVAGE)
12. Angel Of Fear (RADIUM)
13. Spirit Of The Chateaux (CHATEAUX)
14. See You In Hell (GRIM REAPER)