A Tribute To Iron Maiden - Heaven

1.Arachnes - Flash Of The Blade
2.Flametal - Aces High
3.Clairvoyants - Hallowed be thy name
4.Lethal Fear - Flight Of Icarus
5.Gooseflesh - Killers
6.Delusion - 22 Acacia Avenue
7.Twentyinchburial - The Wicker Man
8.Sturm Und Drang - Fear Of The Dark
9.Necrophobic - Moonchild
10.Blind Roller - Bring Your Daughter To the Slaughter
11.Solitude Returns - Hallowed Be Thy Name
12.Acid Drinkers - Losfer Words
13.Skunk DF - Wasted Years
14.Diesel Machine - Children Of The Damned
15.Ancient Wisdom - Powerslave